Mar 12

A NEET Once Again

So I am NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training)…..again. this time however it was by choice to leave because i didn’t like working there. but the 5 months I worked there would be a real waste of time if i didn’t learn anything, so what did i learn.

@media and responsive design

To be honest with @media it was more being exposed to it sooner that later as with the previous theme i did for this site @media was used and a simple google search would teach me about it (as per anything)

but i did lean some tips and tricks for responsive design such as avoiding set widths, margins and paddings can be set as percentages as well and overflow-x/y: visible does not work as one would expect (as explain it’s because because CSS3 is still experimental). also picked up some coding tricks

URL Redirecting

Ok so i never actually used this but seeing URL redirection in use i did take some time (if any) to research it and i did get a site or two to use as reference if i ever need to do this

mailto: Encryption

One cool trick i learned was that there is a way to ‘encrypt’ an email used in a mailto link. well it’s not exactly encrypted but it stops bots getting it. it effectively turns the email address in the href attribute in source into something that looks something like the UTF-8 values of all the characters while the browser renders it as readable text.

It’s something i plan to look up and try and replicate myself and post up here

Plans for the future

obviously finding a new job at a place i enjoy working at but i do plan to learn more about AutoIt and AutoHotkey to help with getting around the obstacle in Nexis Core which is developing the 500 skills and also finishing up on the testing and documentation on my Image Autodownloader so i can post it up here for download

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