About MHO

MHO Ultra Mega first started off as a student created Intranet Site, one of only a small handful that were actually maintained on the school network but as High School finished MHO was generously hosted on another server and brought to the open net.

Over the years MHO has evolved inline with my (Memor-X) own skills. at first being built with Tables then to Absolute Positioned Divs then later to use PHP and MySQL to develop pages dynamically. in the previous version of the site a MySQL Wrapper Framework was developed to help make the change between MySQL libraries and to improve security by altering how Queries were stored and executed, however due a mismatch in specs between the local WAMP Development Server and live Web Server in regards to a missing MySQL library needed for a particular function and the lack of available time to rework the framework it was decided (after much hesitation) to use WordPress. Because the previous version of the website utilized a system to integrate WordPress, Coppermine Gallery and Simple Machines Forum the previous version of the site can easily be re-implemented without any lose of data.

Regardless of the version the website followed a set of values

  • No Schedule: Content posted is posted when it’s done and not to a set Schedule which forces rush jobs
  • No Ads: No annoying Adds on the side which eat up memory or tricky Javascript to open up new tabs/windows which contain misleading interfaces to close them or Infinite Alert Loops to lock you out of your browser
  • Fun to work on: working on the site is a side job done for fun.

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