Aug 04

Again a NEET

So a NEET again. expected this time around as my job at SFG was a contract and i was told that i could only be guaranteed a year. still i loved working there so what did i learn in that year?

Report Building

so the crux of my job at SFG was to work on the report migration but to do that i needed to understand how it worked. since the reporting systems were built in VB.Net i learned a couple of thing (which i’ll have to re-google)

  • VB.Net has Variable Function Calls
  • Excel Spreadsheet creation

the last one actually inspired the creation of the csvReports.class, yeh sure not as great as what VB can do but it’s a start and in theory i could wrapper basic Excel functionality in Autoit

MSSQL Query Analysis

the main bulk of the work was analysing what Database Objects reports were using as apart of a clean up so i learned how, in Microsoft SQL Server, to detect these objects and then i coded it into PHP to automate the process. still had to do manual double checking but it did greatly reduce the time i would have to have spent on each Stored Procedure, View, Function and Table.

also to add i finally fixed the aggressive caching problem i’ve been stuck with for the past year or so so shouldn’t be getting the 404 page on posts from the RSS Feed anymore (so long as that’s actual giving the right URL)

In all i wish the guys currently working at SFG luck in their future work. as for me just have to wait for the Employee Separation Certificate and then deal with Centerlink if i don’t find a job right away. this time i’m going to get them to find me a Employment Assistance group which doesn’t keep changing the person who i report too every week (ie. my appointment says i see one person and to contact them if i can’t make it. i find they have left and i have to semi-introduce myself to the new person to bring them up to speed with the kind of work i want)

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