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Aug 07

Game Breaking Glitch – Liber Ark Residential Area

Nearing the end on The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC i came across what could be a game ending bug but it may have already been fixed since i play it offline, i know i have the patch which changes Zane => Zin and the Video Update. however this bug is more …

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Aug 04

Again a NEET

So a NEET again. expected this time around as my job at SFG was a contract and i was told that i could only be guaranteed a year. still i loved working there so what did i learn in that year? Report Building so the crux of my job at SFG was to work on …

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Jul 26

Paint is not being deleted

So on the 25th of this month Microsoft came out with some details about the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and one of the items mentioned was paint. now i have been seeing some people going that paint is being deleted but just to clear oen thing up, Paint isn’t being removed….yet I think people …

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Jul 26

Defeating Gilbert on the Glorious

If you’re like me and going after all the BP in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC then you would be following a guide and have become aware of a mid-way battle in Chapter 6 on the Glorious which you don’t have to win, but if you loose you miss out on …

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Jul 11

iniFile.class Released

for a while when i was building my automation scripts if i wanted settings they would either be a hardcoded array in the script of a .txt that i would load into an array…or explode into an array…ok i just used arrays. i had used ini file briefly for other projects but when i learned …

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May 23

_autoBase.class Released

autoBase is a PHP Class i built for use in Selenium Server and it designed to work with my Portable Selenium Setup. the idea was that a bunch of Selenium functions i used were always such long ass lines so i created a bunch of wrapper functions to not only make the called lines shorter …

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May 21

Selenium – Screenshotting the ENTIRE page

Selenium already has a screenshot function but there’s a problem with it. it takes a screenshot of what you see in the window. when i did some Selenium Test Scripts a couple years back for Rivers i wanted to build them so that if an error appeared, unless the tests were dependent on one test …

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May 12

Selenium – Select drop down option by Frontend Text

one of the annoying things i found in Selenium is that when working with a drop down you needed to know the value of the open you wanted to select which oftern is different from the value the user will see. if you was testing and you wanted to make sure that a front end …

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Apr 20

csvReports.class Released

csvReports is a PHP class i built when i was doing report/query analysis at SFG. the purpose of the class is to generate Comma Separated Value files (.csv) which Microsoft Excel would them load up as a spreadsheet. the main thing is that because the header is set in the class and each row is …

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Apr 08

Multi Tag Pages in WordPress

When you’re on a website that’s running WordPress there is a page for listing posts by tag. generally you see this when you click a tag and the url becomes something like well there is a way to have more than 1 tag in this for greater filtering. there is infact 2 things you …

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