Jul 26

Defeating Gilbert on the Glorious

If you’re like me and going after all the BP in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC then you would be following a guide and have become aware of a mid-way battle in Chapter 6 on the Glorious which you don’t have to win, but if you loose you miss out on BP.

First off before i go into a quick away to win the battle there is something i have noticed that guides have yet to encounter and that’s the time limit. while yes guides will note this what they haven’t find out is that you can’t end the battle on the time limit.

what this means is that if you beat the last enemy you need to have 1 turn left for the battle results. i had this happen to me where i beat the final enemy, cut to black and then continue with the game only to find that after the chapter i was missing BP. after developing the strategy i found that the battle results need to run for it to be a victory.

now for the strategy i used.

to start off Estelle for me was in Level 67, not really hard if you’re fighting every enemy and not having her die and i haven’t fought any Shining Poms yet. i also completed the previous game above Level 40 (i think 43) but the Prologue Chapter and half of Chapter 1 Estelle didn’t level up for me so it’s possible you can get to the same level in the first 2 chapters.

Next, you need the Grail Locket which if your getting all the BP you should have it already. guides will tell you to protect against certain ailments by equipping certain accessories but the Grail Locket is the Ribbon for the game, you’re immune to all ailments. the second Accessory you want is the Proxy Puppet which will revive Estelle if she is defeated and give her 200 CP, though it was never used when i did it but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Now assuming that you’ve upgraded all of Estelle’s Orbital Slots for Quartz you’ll want at least:

  • Defence 4
  • HP 4
  • Mind 4

also make sure you have 8 Earth Sepith and 3 Space Sepith so you have Titanic Roar. after this have the best Cast and Action Quartz to speed up Estelle’s casting and speed and any other slots free do either Avoid and/or Move

finally with the equipment focus on Arts which may involving downgrading your weapon and armor but keep a balance (i can’t remember the exact items for me). also you might want to swap the Proxy Puppet for another accessory. one i obtained boosted Arts greatly but sacrifices a bunch of other stats which is what i used because Estelle didn’t fall in the battle but it’s up to you’re current level in how much punishment Estelle can take before needing to heal.

Now if you haven’t worked it out the 2 main parts of this strategy is spamming Titanic Roar and Luck where no one heals, revives or Impedes Estelle. when i did the battle and successfully won no one healed, revived or impeded Estelle which is where the luck will factor in. after the 4 Jaegers are down Gilbert should be easy

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