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When i am at work waiting for something to process (ie. a really long query) or at a location where i don’t have proper access to a computer i type up fan fiction on my. so this page serves as the catalog to those works that i have published.


Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha – Ai Hazard

Chapters Released: 8


Volume 1 - Lovers Reunion (Complete)

4 Years after the JS Incident Fate and Nanoha finally confessed their feeling some another only for Fate to leave for an extended deployment.

One year later Fate has returned with both now hoping for a happy, peaceful family life with Vivio and their friends. But this is only the begining as an ancient legend is made all too real.

Chapter List:

  • Chapter 1-A – Yearning Heart – Fate Side
  • Chapter 1-B – Yearing Heart – Nanoha Side
  • Chapter 2 – Mechanisations of Fate
  • Chapter 3 – Reunion of the Lighting Star
  • Chapter 4 – Return of Riot Force 6
  • Intermission – Golden Flare

Volume 2 - Variable Desire

When 3 Warships of unknown origin are stolen from the TSAB Fate is called in to investergate, but the perpitrator is the last person any of them had expected.

All the while Mages from another world plot domination of Earth with a deep seeded secret of Japan squarly in the center of the mess. right in the middle of Christmas Nanoha had hoped to formally and offically introduce Fate as her girlfriend to her family and friends.

Chapter List:

  • Chapter 5 – Mobile Enforcement
  • Chapter 6 – Storms, Stars and a Flower of Shadows
  • Chapter 7 – Impaired Peaceful Hopes
  • Chapter 8 – The Shinto Claw Which Grips the Earth
  • Chapter 9 – Wedding of the Bloody King (In Progress)



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