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Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: Ai Hazard
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Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: Ai Hazard

Vol. 1 - Lovers Reunion [Complete] (6 Chapters)
Vol. 2 - Variable Desire [In-complete] (1 Chapter)

  • Volume 2 uses the format i am normally use to. i'm not entirely happy in how much content is in Volume 1, especially since there is no good gadge of time in it. one day i may rewrite Volume 1 to follow the same format as what Volume 2 followed.

  • There seems to be some cases where words like I'm, it's or the like instead of having ' it has a ?. since i copied everything into word do to capitalization checks it could be that there ' may have been picked up differently in some cases in notepad++. i've only noticed this when just rereading small parts and have tried to remove them all but i'll keep this in mind when reviewing future chapters. if you see any, just remember it's a ' not a ?

  • When the time and date is listed these reflect Local Date/Time, as such at times you'll notice that it seems that the character have gone back in time. this isn't the case, Carnaaji for example is 7 hours behind Mid-Childa so so you have to factor in the timezone difference.
    at times i'll use a timezone notation at the end of the datetime, these are normally used to sync the timeline/events of a scene with another scene/location. bellow is a list of the Acronyms i'll use.

    • MC-T - Mid-Childan Local Time
    • N-T - Novus Local Time
    • C-T - Carnaaji Local Time
    • E-T - Earth Local Time
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