Aug 07

Game Breaking Glitch – Liber Ark Residential Area

Nearing the end on The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC i came across what could be a game ending bug but it may have already been fixed since i play it offline, i know i have the patch which changes Zane => Zin and the Video Update. however this bug is more of a glitch which you can get around.

the problem is in the Residential Area of Liber Ark (2nd Liber Ark Area which the Halo Rail connects too). you need a Gospel to proceed into the second Liber Ark Tunnels, to get one you need to the Government Building and get a re-issued Gospel, which you need to select the name parts of a resident. if you have been reading the Data Crystals you’ll remember that one of Kloe’s ancestors was a resident so you go to use her name.

the Glitch comes if your using the Controller in which when you come to the input for her initial the menu doesn’t work. you here the noise for selecting an option but nothing can be selected. to fix/get around it you need to use the mouse.

while that might seem obvious with the warning in Big Picture Mode of Steam saying how it relies on the Keyboard and Mouse, it’s not so obvious when games like Rabi-Rabi and the previous The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky had the same warning didn’t need them and were played entirely by Controller.

Now as i said this may have been patched since the last time i booted Steam while Online but if it hasn’t this doesn’t stop you playing it and i haven’t came across any other bugs which could ruin the game and this is a re-release of the PSP version with the bugs fixed so it may have been overlooked because no one tested with a PS4 Controller with InputMapper

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