Jan 10

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha – Ai Hazard: Chapter 8 Released

It took longer than i thought, a lot longer, but Chapter 8 of my Nanoha Fan Fiction is out. now there was a number of factors that caused this,

  1. Christmas (2014)
  2. After Christmas i finished the Strawberry Panic! Light Novel and i felt a huge part of me was missing because reading it i felt like i was Nagisa and Hikari. with the end of the novel meant the end of their lives and i wanted it to continue. this ruined any mood i had to typing but i got over it, mainly by forcing to forget most of the novel then reading up until a stable point in the story where Nagisa and Hikari have accepted their love for Shizuma and Aname. maybe i might type a fiction from that point
  3. I got made redundant at work which just threw me into another crap mood which stopped writing
  4. I had to deal with Social Services screwing me around

But after all of that i finally got back to work

Also i plan to release them on Wattpad so if you get the App you can read them offline (which is what i would rather). so anyway, here’s the chapter


Volume 2 – Chapter 8: The Shinto Claw Which Grips the Earth

After their run-in with Lord Deache Nanoha and her friends learn of the origins of Seikou, Levi and Deache. However the world is still in danger and they may be the only ones to stand against them….or so they thought.


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    • Regal Meister on January 16, 2016 at 5:25 pm
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    Just finished reading this chapter. I really hope it doesn’t take another year for the next chapter to come out because I really want to know what’s happening in Suzu and why there was a line from Voltaire (Caro’s other Dragon) at the very end.

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