Apr 08

Multi Tag Pages in WordPress

When you’re on a website that’s running WordPress there is a page for listing posts by tag. generally you see this when you click a tag and the url becomes something like www.mysite.com/tag/mytag.

well there is a way to have more than 1 tag in this for greater filtering. there is infact 2 things you can do

  • , (eg. tag/tagone,tagtwoz): this is doing an OR evaluation as in “show me all posts that contain any of these tags”, so using our example any posts with tagone or tagtwoz will appear
  • + (eg. tag/tagone+tagtwoz): this is doing an AND evaluation as in “show me all posts that contain all of these tags”, so using out example any post tagged tagone and tagtwoz will appear

how is this useful? well say you wanted to create a new menu item for certain posts….like what i have done. you can use this to create Custom Link menu items which have tag filter links and have them as subitems of a wider filter

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