Apr 04

_commonLib.class Released

commonLib is a PHP class i built to assist in a lot of my work which contains a bunch of functions i use, alot. so rather than copy and pasting them into new scripts i created a class for them because i love OO Programming and also since i use these functions in other classes …

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Feb 07

Padding string without loops

So if we wanted to pad a string in PHP with a prefix or suffix generally we would need to do this now obviously if we were adding a suffix we’d skip $added and just append the original string (if we didn’t want to keep it). however for shits and giggles say we didn’t want …

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Jan 02

How to store a var_dump

one thing i really like about PHP is var_dump, a nice little function that outputs what an object is regardless of type, including classes which shows what data is private and protected. when i need to debug a language one of the first things i look for is a equivalent. but sometimes the var_dump either …

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Sep 09

PHP Automation Kit

4 or so years ago i was introduced to Selenium Server for the purpose of creating automated tests for a Magento Website. around that time i did some experiments on nanofate.us to see how i could go about downloading their entire gallery of images and in the end my experiments lead to me using Selenium …

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Jun 25

Wrapper functions make programming easier.

One of the things I have come to learn with any programming language is that more often that not you will be making changes to code and a lot of the time this will be in multiple places. One of the Code Smells for Refactoring is repeated code and one method to fix this is …

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Apr 04

Javascript Dropdown

Back when i was working at UBC one site i had to develop wanted a dropdown box for selecting colour like that from another website. the method i did was to use a jquery addon which turned a select drop down into a div one just to add icons to the options, not to mention …

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Mar 23

Default Values for Argument Arrays

One of the nice things about arrays in programming is that they allow you to infinity increase the argument limit of a function when you are able to pass them. ie in PHP. if you tried to call the function without specifying the argument you’d get a warning and notice in PHP, in some stricter …

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Mar 12

A NEET Once Again

So I am NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training)…..again. this time however it was by choice to leave because i didn’t like working there. but the 5 months I worked there would be a real waste of time if i didn’t learn anything, so what did i learn. @media and responsive design To be …

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Jan 22

Auto Submitting Checkboxes

Assume you have a couple of lists of checkboxes. generally at the end of the lists you would have a submit button to then post the data. but assume you have something like a search from. general web design suggests that things should be done with the minimum number of clicks1 The three-click rule or …

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Jan 10

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha – Ai Hazard: Chapter 8 Released

It took longer than i thought, a lot longer, but Chapter 8 of my Nanoha Fan Fiction is out. now there was a number of factors that caused this, Christmas (2014) After Christmas i finished the Strawberry Panic! Light Novel and i felt a huge part of me was missing because reading it i felt …

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