Jul 26

Paint is not being deleted

So on the 25th of this month Microsoft came out with some details about the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and one of the items mentioned was paint. now i have been seeing some people going that paint is being deleted but just to clear oen thing up, Paint isn’t being removed….yet

I think people are just jumping the gun because the article is called Features that are removed or deprecated in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and people see removed, learn it mentions paint and are quick to jump to the conclusion because they don’t bother to read.

The article states:

Will be available through the Windows Store. Functionality integrated into Paint 3D.

Which means that paint will still be available, just that you probably wont expect it to be installed by default on a new OS Install and instead you’ll get Paint 3D. if you don’t like Paint 3D you can just go into the Windows Store and download it again.

That being said it’s marked as deprecated. For those who might not know what this means in the tech world it means it’s value is diminish and support is winding down. As with mysql_* libraries in PHP these were deprecated yet could still be used. official support however for them was being wound down until in PHP 7 they were removed (as such any crappy code running mysql_* fall on it’s face if you upgraded to PHP 7 and you can’t just find+replace to mysqli_*).

However this doesn’t mean Paint will be gone in the future. mysql_* was still in PHP for a long time and even now people still don’t upgrade because their crappy code will break and can’t be stuffed fixing it so if Microsoft plans to remove Paint it’s probably long into the future (or at least Until Windows 12)

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