Sep 09

PHP Automation Kit

4 or so years ago i was introduced to Selenium Server for the purpose of creating automated tests for a Magento Website. around that time i did some experiments on to see how i could go about downloading their entire gallery of images and in the end my experiments lead to me using Selenium Server and PHP to download the images.

fast forward to today…..well more like several months ago, i decided to put together a little package of PHP with PHP Unit, Selenium Server and the PHP Web Driver for Selenium. the purpose of this was so that if i got another job and i wanted to set up a PHP Automation Environment i could do so just by copying this package off my USB. obviously of cause if you can run PHPUnit you can run PHP by itself so it’s also worked for data processing.

now i don’t have any plans in the future to update the version of PHP, PHP Unit, Selenium Server or the Web Driver in this package however if my stuff starts to break i’ll update it (though this would probably only effect Selenium Server and the Chrome Driver) however if there is a dying need for an updated version i’ll look into upgrading it

Software Version
PHP 5.6.14
PHP Unit 5.5.0
Selenium Server (Javascript Standalone) 3.4.0
Facebook PHP Webdriver 1.1.2
Chrome Web Driver 2.29.461591

Download .zip

do note that Facebook PHP Webdriver i use has been modified to eliminate the namespace bullshit as when i included the autoloader it kept saying the classes were missing and i had to use using [NAMESPACE] for every class i wanted which i found entirely pointless.


  • October 30th, 2016 – upgraded chromedriver.exe to 2.25
  • February 4th, 2017 – upgraded to selenium-server-standalone-3.0.1
  • June 10th, 2017 – upgraded chromedriver.exe to 2.29
  • July 15th, 2017 – upgraded to selenium-server-standalone-3.4.0
  • July 29th, 2017 – included the libraries i posted here including autoBase.class

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