Jan 09

Site Restructure

So the site as been recreated…again. the problem this time was more that the SQL Framework that I had been developing hit a snag. the test environment I had set up wasn’t an exact duplicate of the web server and it was missing mysqlnd.dll.

Easy solution is to just alter all the database code for something like PDO, however there is a crap ton of code and until then the website would be only half working. but i still have the blog so Div suggested that we move the blog to be the main site and use that since the rest of the website can also interact with WordPress blogs. so until further notice the Site is the blog. not like it’s any different as the system of the last design had integrated WordPress Posts to the post feeds anyway.

Now I had planned to have the Wiki up as well but for some reason i’m getting a very, very generic exception error on some of the pages that i wasn’t getting in development (more than likely a Unix thing since i use WAMP on Windows). kinda disappointing that the wiki isn’t working after all that work but once i figure out what the exception error actually means then i can fix it.

There’s going to be another post later on explaining why this took so long because it also ties in why it took so long for me to post the next chapter of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Ai Hazard so be on the lookout for that.

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