Tag: automation

May 23

_autoBase.class Released

autoBase is a PHP Class i built for use in Selenium Server and it designed to work with my Portable Selenium Setup. the idea was that a bunch of Selenium functions i used were always such long ass lines so i created a bunch of wrapper functions to not only make the called lines shorter …

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May 21

Selenium – Screenshotting the ENTIRE page

Selenium already has a screenshot function but there’s a problem with it. it takes a screenshot of what you see in the window. when i did some Selenium Test Scripts a couple years back for Rivers i wanted to build them so that if an error appeared, unless the tests were dependent on one test …

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May 12

Selenium – Select drop down option by Frontend Text

one of the annoying things i found in Selenium is that when working with a drop down you needed to know the value of the open you wanted to select which oftern is different from the value the user will see. if you was testing and you wanted to make sure that a front end …

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Sep 09

PHP Automation Kit

4 or so years ago i was introduced to Selenium Server for the purpose of creating automated tests for a Magento Website. around that time i did some experiments on nanofate.us to see how i could go about downloading their entire gallery of images and in the end my experiments lead to me using Selenium …

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