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Jul 11

iniFile.class Released

for a while when i was building my automation scripts if i wanted settings they would either be a hardcoded array in the script of a .txt that i would load into an array…or explode into an array…ok i just used arrays. i had used ini file briefly for other projects but when i learned …

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May 23

_autoBase.class Released

autoBase is a PHP Class i built for use in Selenium Server and it designed to work with my Portable Selenium Setup. the idea was that a bunch of Selenium functions i used were always such long ass lines so i created a bunch of wrapper functions to not only make the called lines shorter …

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Apr 20

csvReports.class Released

csvReports is a PHP class i built when i was doing report/query analysis at SFG. the purpose of the class is to generate Comma Separated Value files (.csv) which Microsoft Excel would them load up as a spreadsheet. the main thing is that because the header is set in the class and each row is …

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Apr 04

_commonLib.class Released

commonLib is a PHP class i built to assist in a lot of my work which contains a bunch of functions i use, alot. so rather than copy and pasting them into new scripts i created a class for them because i love OO Programming and also since i use these functions in other classes …

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Sep 09

PHP Automation Kit

4 or so years ago i was introduced to Selenium Server for the purpose of creating automated tests for a Magento Website. around that time i did some experiments on nanofate.us to see how i could go about downloading their entire gallery of images and in the end my experiments lead to me using Selenium …

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