Tag: javascript

Apr 04

Javascript Dropdown

Back when i was working at UBC one site i had to develop wanted a dropdown box for selecting colour like that from another website. the method i did was to use a jquery addon which turned a select drop down into a div one just to add icons to the options, not to mention …

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Jan 22

Auto Submitting Checkboxes

Assume you have a couple of lists of checkboxes. generally at the end of the lists you would have a submit button to then post the data. but assume you have something like a search from. general web design suggests that things should be done with the minimum number of clicks1 The three-click rule or …

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Oct 03

Making a Random Image Banner

Locating Code

So noticed how the banner at the top chnages? want the plugin? Well your out of luck as i didn’t make a plugin but this guide will show you can make it yourself. i should point out that while this code is ment for child themes you can apply it to brand new themes if …

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