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Mar 23

Default Values for Argument Arrays

One of the nice things about arrays in programming is that they allow you to infinity increase the argument limit of a function when you are able to pass them. ie in PHP. if you tried to call the function without specifying the argument you’d get a warning and notice in PHP, in some stricter …

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Mar 12

A NEET Once Again

So I am NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training)…..again. this time however it was by choice to leave because i didn’t like working there. but the 5 months I worked there would be a real waste of time if i didn’t learn anything, so what did i learn. @media and responsive design To be …

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Oct 03

Making a Random Image Banner

So noticed how the banner at the top chnages? want the plugin? Well your out of luck as i didn’t make a plugin but this guide will show you can make it yourself. i should point out that while this code is ment for child themes you can apply it to brand new themes if …

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