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Troy "Memor-X" Memor
Memor-X's Current Avatar, Fredric Francois Chopin from Eternal Sonata
Memor-X's Current Avatar, Fredric Francois Chopin from Eternal Sonata
Basic Info
Real Name <<CLASSIFIED>>
Age 26 + (Current Year - 2015)
Sex Male
Location Victoria, Australia
Other Names Memor-X
Crazy Shoujo Ai/Yuri guy
Occupation Programmer
Web Developer
Dream Job Game Developer
Employment Status Employed - Rivers Software Developer
Trello Boards N/A


A passionate Programmer who seeks to not only improve his own programming skills but also all other aspects required to develop a game in hopes to becomes a highly regarded Game Developer.

Will rather set things up to work offline and/or locally than relaying on an internet connection due to having been seen favorite websites shut down and experience extended periods of downtime from the internet.

Programming Philosophy

While Syntax between languages can vary there is always one thing that remains constant between them all and that is the logic in how the code works.

By focusing on the Logic of programming over the Syntax one can generally pick up new languages quickly by finding the similar patterns in code and knowing how one function operates allows one to easily duplicate in another langaue which does not have that function, for instance a MySQL Table can be operated in the exact same way as a Multi-dimensional Array, while a While Loop can be made to opporate in the exact same way as a For or Foreach Loop

Education & Training

  • Victoria Certificate of Education
  • Certificate IV in Information Technology
  • Diploma of Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Information Technology



  • Specialty Fashion Group (Formally Rivers) - Information Technology Developer (2012 - June 2015)
    • Assistance in Developing Website Front End Design (HTML, ASP, CSS, JS)
    • Development of Backend ASP pages for website
    • Development and creation of ASP Intranet Webpages
    • Development of new Website Payment Gateway using 3rd party API
    • Assistance in Developing EDI PHP/Javascript Webpages and MySQL Queries
    • Development and Maintenance of MySQL and T-SQL Queries
    • Development of PHPUnit/Selenium Automation Test Scripts (PHP, Javascript)
    • Development of Magento Website (PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL)
  • Specialty Fashion Group - Information Technology Developer (August 3rd, 2016 – August 4th, 2017)
    • Analysis of Microsoft SQL Queries for compatibility issues ready for migration to Azure
    • Understanding Inhouse Visual Basic .NET Report Building Software and methods to connect to Azure Database
    • Add Toll Tracking Link to Magento Customer Order Page (PHP)
    • Debug and Support of Magento Platform (PHP, CSS, HTML, Javascript)


  • UBC Web Design - Web Developer (October 2015 - March 11, 2016)
    • Development of Client Designed and Approved Websites (HTML, PHP, CSS, JS)

Skills & Abilities

Familiarity = Confidence in completing tasks quickly


Language Familiarity
PHP 95%
HTML 80%
CSS 80%
MySQL 75%
JavaScript 60%
C++ 50%
Visual Basic 50%
ASP 60%
T-SQL 50%
XML 45%
Ruby 40%
RGSS 60%
Oracle 20%
C# 50%
Windows and Unix File Programming 35%
Java 30%


Name Familiarity
JQuery 60%
agular.js 40%
OpenGL (C++) 50%
Sharepoint 20%
.Net 35%

Software Experiance

Item(s) Familiarity
Microsoft Word, Access, PowerPoint, Excel and Visual Studio 85%
Adobe Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop, Flash 70%
PHP Storm 70%
Notepad++ 70%
Microsoft Active Directory 50%
Autodesk 3D Studio Max 50%
CMS (Wordpress) 50%
CMS (Magento) 50%
QlikView 40%
Windows 98 30%
Windows Millennium Edition 30%
Windows Server 2003 40%
Windows Vista 45%
Windows 7 70%
Windows 8 60%
Windows 10 60%
Apple PC 30%
iOS 70%
Unix Operating System 35%
Android Operating System 40%

Hardware Experinace

Item Familiarity
Router to computer cabling 30%
Computer Assembly and Diaognostic 40%

Other Knowledge

Knowledge Familiarity
Object Orientated Programming 90%
Debugging and Problem Solving 80%
CISCO Router Configuration 60%
Networking File System permissions 65%
3D Rendering Pipeline 50%
3D Space 50%
URL Redirection 20%