Yuri-ism is a translating site for Japanese Doujishin, only dealing with Shoujo Ai/Yuri. They also have a nifty rating system for their releases telling you of the content, and don’t worry, if an image they use to advitise a release is technically NFSW then they cover up the naughty bits….though i would still hold off from viewing it at work.

if i have one complaint about their site it’s that they don’t translate anything with Futanari’s in it, reason is that it isn’t “pure” however i would have to disagree because if 2 girls wanted to start a family what options do they have? they would either need blank slate sperm or a donor, the latter introducing a male element into it. with a Futanari that’s not the case.

Now as of posting this  there is over 350+ releases. too much for you to download? well every 100 releases Yuri-ism updates their batch torrent so you can torrent alot of them.


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